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Personalized double-sided reversible photo needle minder set - very strong magnets - any image or content you want!

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Have you been searching everywhere but not quite able to find that perfect needleminder for yourself or a friend?

This custom needle minder set is just what you're looking for. These needle minders are reversible, it's basically like getting two minders for the price of one.

Their backs are a smooth, flat stainless steel so they won't mar or mark your projects either. Use the two sides to have different minders for different moods, or do something clever like the front-and-back set featuring Mika in the listing photos. Just send me whatever images you want (or tell me what you're looking for) and I'll make your custom needle minders in just a couple days! I'll consult with you on whether the image will work and help figure it out of there are issues.

These are made with strong, N52 Neodymium magnets, so there's no worry about whether they'll hold your needle securely like with some other minders. It will always snap right onto the surface with a satisfying "click". As you can see from the photos, you can hold your scissors with them if you need to. I also use them to hold my folded pattern, or to gather up extra fabric at the edge of the piece (they're strong enough to hold through several layers of aida). The domed surface also makes it a lot easier to pick the needle back up off the minder.

Some tips on selecting art: These minders are about one inch in size. So imagine the image you want on a US Quarter. That's about how much detail you're going to be able to get. Keep that in mind when deciding an image! Also remember that it's going to be round so anything in the corners is going to disappear. When sending me an image, try to pick one that hasn't been cropped down already. Give me as much to work with as you can and I'll consult with you on what you want it to look like.


See graphic for finish sizing at different aida counts

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