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Oregon Jurassic Trail Cross Stitch Pattern - instant PDF Download

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Looks like we probably shoulda bought more and bigger ammunition in Independence, Missouri. Fat lot of good an extra axle does you if you get eaten by raptors! Typhoid doesn't really seem all that bad anymore, now does it?

This pattern imagines what it might have been like if the classic educational video game had been set not in the 1840s CE, but instead in 125,000,000 or so BCE. It's modeled after the version I grew up playing on my middle school's (antiquated even then) Apple IIe computers with monochrome displays. You kids these days and all your colors! Get off my lawn!

 Many thanks to Rachel for the photo of her finish on this pattern (black frame)

My own model stitch is done on 14ct black aida and displayed in an 8x10 photo frame I got at a thrift store. 


Formats: ZIP file containing 2 PDF:

  • 1pg color+symbols for digital devices
  • 2 pg color+symbols for printing

Size: 133x105 stitches (see images for sizing on different fabric counts)
Stitches used: full X only
Colors: 1 color (intended for black fabric)
Difficulty: ⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪ Easy (I would say beginner, but the floss I'm recommending is a little bit difficult to work with!)

If you need help handling any of the stitches used in this pattern, check out my youtube tutorials.


See graphic for finish sizing at different aida counts

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