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I Will Face God and Walk Backwards Into Hell Quaker inspired sampler cross stitch pattern - instant PDF download

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Add a touch of humor to your cross stitching with our latest quaker-style sampler pattern! This design pays homage to traditional sampler patterns while adding a modern, blasphemous twist.

The pattern was based on a prompt from my patrons to create a pattern based only on the word "Obdurate". 

This got me wondering what the subtext of obdurate as opposed to, say, stubborn or obstinate or intransigent? So I did a little digging, and obdurate usually refers to someone who stubbornly refuses to change their wicked ways. "an obdurate sinner" was the sample phrase that M-W gave me.

So that got me thinking about people who were defiantly sinful (myself included, obvs) and the phrase "I will face god and walk backwards into hell" sprang into my mind. I've long wanted to do one of those more pseudo-quaker-style (or otherwise monochrome) samplers, and this seemed like the perfect chance, since the phrase is kinda the antithesis to the pious pap you so often seen on such samplers.

As far as I can tell, the phrase originates from a 2012 tweet by @Dril.

It is perfect for stitching enthusiasts with a sense of humor, who wants to bring a light-hearted feel to their home décor.

Jenny 🍋 on Twitter: ""I will face god and walk backwards into hell" is  still one of the most metal quotes ever to grace this earth and it's from a  dril shitpost

The pattern is suitable for both beginners and experienced stitchers and will be a perfect conversation starter for your home. Bring a smile to your face and those of your guests with this unique and playful quaker-style cross stitch sampler!

Many thanks to Heather (@lunaseabloom) for sharing her finish photo with me! She took a little bit of creative license with the colors, which is very easy to do with this pattern. It's easy to customize to match your preferred color scheme!

It's sized to fit an 11x14 picture frame on 14ct fabric. 


Formats: ZIP file containing:

  • 1pg color+symbols for digital devices
  • 4pg color+symbols for printing
  • 4pg symbols-only

Size: 142x86 stitches (see images for sizing on different fabric counts)
Stitches used: full X only
Colors: 2 DMC colors
Difficulty: ⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪ Beginner (but pretty big!)


See graphic for finish sizing at different aida counts

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