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Emergency Dice Kit: In case of dragons break glass - Funny Gift for DND/D&D Roleplaying Game RPG fans. (Shadow Box decor)

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You never want to be caught unprepared when a legendary creature shows up to obliterate your party.

This emergency kit will ensure that you're never caught flat-footed. It will make a great gift for that avid roleplayer in your life who thinks they have everything they need - but only because they don't know about this item! (It's fine if that person is yourself, too. You deserve a gift. Treat yo self!)

The display features deluxe 2-color dice in a variety of color combinations. The stripes are etched into the glass, and the text is permanent matte vinyl. The shadowbox is black plastic in a satin finish. 


King's Guard: Violet and Gold
Waterdeep: Azure and Saffron
Magic Missile: Blue and Purple
Yondalla's Blessing: Blue and Green
Assassin's Guild: Black and Red

All of the colors have a pearlescent sheen to them with rich, deep hues. Select the color in the drop-down to see the correct photo.

If you order custom lettering, please send an email with your customization to ford (at) sonovastitch (dot) com so I can make them for you!

Got your own vinyl cutter, blasting cabinet, and the Maker chops to do this yourself? get the SVG files at


See graphic for finish sizing at different aida counts

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